For Pet Owners

image00051SAGE understands the significant role your pet has within your family. We pledge to always be the best choice for unparalleled emergency and specialty care for your pet.

At SAGE, we speak of a “triad of caregivers,” consisting of:
• Clients
• Primary veterinarians
• SAGE specialists

You and your primary veterinarian are the first line of care in your pet’s health and well-being. In some complex cases, your primary veterinarian may elect to refer your pet to an emergency doctor and/or specialist who has the advanced training, expertise, and equipment needed to continue to provide the best possible care for your pet.

When a referral is indicated, your primary veterinarian will discuss this process with you and then provide us with all pertinent information regarding your pet’s history and current medical problem. Often they will call one of our specialists to discuss the case being referred. They will also fax or email medical records to us, send your pet’s imaging studies, or even ask you to bring x-rays to your pet’s consultation.

To maintain the triad of care, SAGE doctors will keep you and your primary veterinarian informed of your pet’s progress after your initial consultation and/or visit, and any subsequent recheck appointments. This continuity between you, your primary veterinarian and SAGE ensures the best possible outcome for your pet.