Emergency Veterinarian

24-hour emergency care is available at all our facilities. A trip to the ER can be either routine or involved. Many problems can be solved in one visit and your pet can return home. We treat many illnesses that need only routine testing and/or medications, and with a good home care plan provided by us, you can recheck with your primary veterinarian in a few days.

When the problem is more involved, and especially if life-threatening, our critical care skills, equipment and expertise come into play. After initial assessment and stabilization, some pets require continued efforts to support them through the course of illness.

In the event of an emergency, your pet does not need an appointment to be seen. We practice triage, which prioritizes patients’ treatment based on the severity of their condition. Sometimes this means we attend to animals not in their order of arrival, but in their order of need. We are committed to helping your sick pet and any delay in seeing you may be related to the doctor’s belief that another animal must be seen first.

One of the primary advantages of bringing your pet to SAGE in the case of an emergency is that our emergency team has direct access to the entire team of SAGE specialists. After hours, specialists are available on-call to our emergency clinicians should a patient require one.