Redwood City

Department Seen: Internal Medicine

Service/Procedure: Gallstone and bile duct obstruction

Yogi was diagnosed with a potential gallbladder and/or liver problem based on an elevated bilirubin count and reduced weight during his annual senior exam at his regular veterinarian appointment with Dr. Steve Sutter at Aragon Veterinary in San Mateo. He was immediately referred to Dr. Heidi McClain and Dr. Diane Roberts at SAGE in Redwood City for an abdominal ultrasound where they identified a stone in his gallbladder. His conditioned worsened and within two weeks, he was jaundiced, not eating and it appeared that he was nearing the end of his life. After much tender, love, and care from the SAGE doctors and nurses, along with administering medicines at home, Yogi made a miraculous recovery! I am very grateful for the kindness and caring of the entire staff, especially Noelle (Dr. Robert’s nurse) who snuggled Yogi and gave him loads of hugs. Yogi celebrated is 15th birthday on 3/31/19!