SAGE Dublin

Department: Dermatology

Service/Procedure: Treated and stopped progression of Ischemic Dermatopathy

Riva, our sweet Bearded Border Collie’s beautiful hair began to fall out in patches. Our local vet tried some treatments early on, yet could not determine the cause. She referred Riva to Dr. Holz at SAGE Dublin. After a biopsy and other diagnostics, it was determined that Riva had Ischemic Dermatopathy. This causes atrophy of the skin, but can also development in the muscles! How sad… our 4- year old pup lost her hair and possibly muscle mass. If Dr. Holtz had not correctly diagnosed and treated this disease, it would have been a very sad situation. Instead, thankfully you now wouldn’t know Riva had this issue. She was young enough that her hair has fully grown back. This often does not happen with Ischemic Dermatopathy. But early intervention has resulted in a complete recovery!