SAGE Redwood City

Department: ER

Service/Procedure: Poison

One evening last summer, I turned from folding the laundry to see Lilli, our newly adopted 8lb Terrier Mix, with a bag of rat poison in her mouth! I began to FREAK OUT! My cousin Sally, was visiting and she quickly advised me, that aside from not panicking, I needed to take the poison from her mouth and head an emergency veterinary clinic. We got in gear and raced for the car with Lilli! On the way we called Poison Control who gave us the Poison Control number (to identify the poison so the doctors were prepared to treat Lilli, and have the antidote for this poison ready to go). On our way to what I thought was the best emergency clinic, I called my sister Margie, a veteran dog person, and she said no go to SAGE. She sent me the number for SAGE Redwood City. I called to notify them of the Poison Control number and that we were on the way. Traveling at light speed, we arrived at SAGE in just 15 minutes. The clinic was ready for us and a tech took Lilli from my arms, literally as I walked through the door, to the waiting doctors in the treatment area. I paced the floor anxiously in the calm and comfortable waiting room. Is wasn’t long, less than an hour, when the doctor came out carrying a sedated, but alive and healthy Lilli. Thanks to SAGE and Poison Control we continue to discover all the love this joy-filled pup brings to our lives. Thank you, SAGE and your amazing, caring and professional staff!