SAGE Dublin

Department: Surgery

Service/Procedure: Diaphragmatic Hernia

We brought Kenzie into SAGE because of her having symptoms that were more than just a sore stomach. The Doctor at SAGE was incredibly reassuring that everything was going to be fine. The Doctor ordered an abdominal x-ray to make sure there were no foreign objects causing her illness. While the different abdominal x-ray views showed nothing out of the ordinary, the doctor felt there was something being missed. He ordered a chest x-ray and found that a part of our dog’s small intestine had herniated through her diaphragm and was occupying space next to her heart and crowding her liver. It was recommended that she go through a surgery to pull the herniated intestine back into the abdominal cavity and pin it so it could not become herniated again. Kenzie has recovered 100% and no longer suffers from periodic bouts of nausea. Her incision has healed nicely where you would be hard pressed to see a scar. Kenzie is back to living the life of a 4-year old Weimaraner, full of curiosity, affection, and love.