Brooks Marshall

Chief Development Officer

Brooks Marshall specializes in leading organizational transformation through partnerships and acquisitions that benefit industries, companies, and the community at large. His experience is diverse, spanning corporate development, and corporate and investment banking and finance. Brooks has served in leadership roles in human healthcare organizations that include U.S. HealthWorks, where he oversaw expansion at a critical time in the company’s history. He also led acquisition processes at InSight Health Corp., a company that provides diagnostic imaging services to patients in clinical and hospital settings, and his vision led to a more expansive market strategy and growth initiatives.

At SAGE, Brooks is focused on the next phase of growth for our network of hospitals. He is committed to seeking partnerships in veterinary medicine with like-minded organizations that value a doctor-led, medicine first approach. And, he has a deep respect for the people and the culture of all organizations and extensive experience in preserving the legacy of unique practices.

In his free time, Brooks enjoys hiking and exploring the wild with his wife Kami, children Otis and Schuyler, and French Bulldog Pirate. He also enjoys traveling and abstract photography.